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ARCC Spot LIGHTs are brief commentaries on current issues by members of the ARCC Board periodically sent out by e-mail to the ARCC membership. and added to this web archive 2 to 4  weeks after they were sent to ARCC members and ARCC Spots subscribers.  If you enjoy these commentaries and want to receive them as soon as they are published, please join ARCC.


Conscience Church & State Parish Closings
Impossible Laws I Parish Priests Bishops' Loyalties
The Real Crisis Impossible Laws II Credibility Gap
Artificial-Natural Means? Who Owns the Church, Legally? Sensus Fidelium
Bishop Without a Mandatum Bishops in Denver Republican Bishops
The Pope and Human Rights Needed Wisdom from the Far East Prayer from a Side Pew
Politically Motivated Comments Women's Ordination Reluctant Prophet
Threat to Marriage? Abortion Laws Advice to Bishops
How to Vote Bishops' Accountability Light from the East
Bishops and their Function New Kind of Withholding Keeping Money in Parish
Democracy by Any Other Name Grown-Up Values Political Bishops
Parish Constitution Inquisition Continues Year of the Eucharist
A Plea for Openness Orders and Jurisdiction Above the Rules?

Not Just the Press

Right to the Eucharist Nothing has Changed
Thomas Reese. SJ Justice for Priests Prophetic Invitation
Hans Kung Celebration Sacrament of Forgiveness Radical Democracy
Catholic Time Bomb Fast of the Assumption Laborers in the Vineyard
Organized Love Vatican Criticism REAL Sins of the Seminaries
Criminal Sexual Abuse Lessons from the Front of theBus Call to Asexuality
Ecclesiastical Shell Game Heroic Bishop Marriage after Divorce
Pre-eminence of Conscience A Model Parish -- In the Cradle of Democracy Statutes of Limitation
In His Own Footsteps Is Everything Up to Date in Kansas City St. John Carroll and St. John England
Signs of False Idols The Virtue of Democracy God Does not Have, or Want, Rights
God Does Not Have Faith We want answers! Saint Thomas Merton?
Retreat to the Past Glorious (Non-Canonical) Saints Unsolicited Advice to the Bishops
Fr. Charles Curran's keynote address A Challenge for the Pope Fallout from Clergy Sexual Abuse and Cover-up
The Essence of Arrogance Keeping the Pope Honest What is Wrong with Secularization?
The Work of Sancta Sophia Papal Pot Calls the EU Kettle Black How Long Does it Take?
The Male Jesus, an Obstacle Arcc Supports Protesting Bishop History Repeats Itself
Marx May Have Had it Right History Does Not Repeat Itself Your Charism
Who is on God's side? The Fact of Evolution  

Updated 28 Aprill 2010

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Challenges Facing Catholicism
(Bishop Geoffrey Robinson in converation with Dr Ingrid Shafer)

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