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Year of the Eucharist (Tue Feb 15, 2005 4:09 pm)

"Do this in memory of Me"

Catholics have always held this command of Christ to be a top priority of our faith and so we welcome the proclamation that this is the Year the Eucharist. We all have been invited to comment on the agenda for the year (the Lineamenta). The Introduction to the Lineamenta seeks, "the participation of all in the Church so that they can enter into discussion and take a pastoral inventory." You may have missed the invitation from your bishop. The deadline for comment was Dec. 31, 2004.

Are we missing something? While the Eucharist is proclaimed as the center of our faith, what is occurring in our Church here points in the very opposite direction. The Holy Father instructs that our children should receive the Eucharist as early as possible and yet parishes are closing throughout the country depriving whole communities of the Eucharist because of the shortage of priests.

If the need for priests is not high on the agenda for the Year of the Eucharist, something is wrong. Either it is not perceived as a real problem or an acceptable solution has not been found. Either way the problem will not go away.

The failure of our leaders to provide the Eucharist for the People of God does not mean that we are powerless. Early Christians met together, chose a leader from amongst them, and celebrated a Eucharistic meal doing what Jesus bid them to do. While ARCC seeks to change church structure to be more people-centered rather than power-focused, we defend the right of the People of God to exercise their baptismal
priesthood when our leaders fail us.

ARCC urges Catholics, but especially those in priestless parishes, to truly make it a "Year of the Eucharist" with action, while our church leaders attempt to do it with words sounding more and more like "tinkling cymbals."

We are the Church! Whose permission do we need?

Recommendation: Send a copy of this to your pastor (in the Sunday envelop) and to your

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