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We want answers! (Fri Sep 1, 2006 2:53 pm )

We want answers! We want definitive rules that bring us to God, and provide the truth in no uncertain terms. No dialogue, please! If you want to dialogue, you do not have answers, only the desire that everyone agrees with you. A definite schedule for life and framework for thought are the cures for worry and the keys to happiness. Discussion and challenge only lead to dissention and distract from a well-defined life-style and contentment.

In days gone by Christianity offered such certitude. Religious life is a good example. The will of God and the day-to-day activities were defined so that there was no doubt as to what one should be doing and thinking. Without this strict adherence to a certain path we wander as did Adam and Eve when cast out of the garden. Their first sin was not disobedience, but rather, discussion, dialogue, and doubt, and it was the serpent who started it all. Those who urge you to "think about it" are taking the role of a modern-day serpent in your garden of certainty.

Hearken back to the happy days of your childhood. Your cultural environment provided the rules to live by and it served you well for the most part. When you got out of bed, when you ate, prayed, played, and when you went to bed framed the great days of childhood.

It is too bad we have to grow up. But we can return to the good-old days and find new authorities to tell us what to do, how to live our lives, where to go, what to believe, and what to think.......and we can renounce mature adulthood that demands so much of us and makes us adult children of God. Fr. John McKenzie, the great scripture scholar wrote, "It is true that the price of maturation is that the simple joys of happiness of childhood must be renounced. There are renounced because maturity offers far deeper joys and happiness; an the adult who looks back with genuine longing on his or her childhood is in serious trouble."

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