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Call to Asexualitys (Thu Dec 1, 2005 9:18 am)

by Bob Schutzius

A throwback to monasticism occurred last Tuesday. The recent statement by the Vatican on homosexual seminarians and priests only confirms the hierarchy's underlying absolute certitude that just about all sex is sinful and the sex drive, leading inevitably to sin, has only one barely tolerable function, that of procreation. To have anything to do with sex disqualifies one from a holy life and certainly from the ranks of the clergy. The sexuality of Monasticism is the perfect and one true form of spiritual living.

The document on homosexuality in the priesthood only reinforced what is already required of all who aspire to clerical or consecrated ranks in the Church. No matter what sexual orientation one has been given, the requirements are:

1. No sexual activity for a specified period before ordination.

2. No deeply rooted sexual tendencies. (As Paul advises, if you burn, get married)

3. No familiarity with any sexual culture (bars, movies, porn, machismo).

In short - live asexually.

Perhaps the only way this has been achieved to some degree of success is in a monastery or convent of same heterosexually oriented committed people. But even there sexuality cannot be totally suppressed as we have noted historically and recently.

We should not be led astray by the hierarchical attempt to target homosexuality as THE bad sex drive, when in reality it is ALL sex that they are targeting.

The use of our sexuality is a powerful God-given gift to express our love for one another and collaborate in God's creation and not a talent to be buried (as priests are suppose to do). We, the people of God know this and live it everyday. We need a different theology of sex, one that defines and supports a healthy, normal and holy use of this gift, one that is developed and formulated by those who have experienced it, lived with it, sinned with it, loved with it, co-created life with it (Patty Crowley comes to mind), and not by those who have dedicated themselves to avoiding it at all cost.

Homosexuality is not the real issue here. SEX is. Don't be fooled.

One wonders how many apostles Jesus would have gotten using these guidelines.

11 at most and probably a lot fewer. No wonder there is a priest shortage!

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