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Politically Motivated Bishops' Comments. (Fri Aug 20 2004 2:39 pm)

Maybe it is not about abortion, or stem cell research, or gay unions! Maybe these are merely the instruments that some Catholic bishops are using to support the re-election of George W. Bush.

These issues have been around for a long time. Why focus on them now, turning them into a litmus test for conservative "political correctness"? Are they the controversial moral issues around which the sheep herders rally the sheep to vote for George W. Bush? How many bishops will vote Democratic? Judging from their remarks, not many. President Bush has surrounded himself with wealthy and influential authoritarians who command attention, if not respect, and who wield great power. Catholic bishops identify with such authority and efficiency. They are the characteristics bishops seek to foster in their office in an authoritarian Church.

Do the bishops consider the consequences should they succeed in influencing the election? Would not the American people be justified in holding them responsible for whatever occurs in the next fours years should they succeed in their efforts! And they would be correct. The bishops' blind focus on denying the God-given right to follow one's well-formed human conscience, has blinded some of them to the consequences of their obsession. Only of late have some come to realized what is at stake and have admitted that it may not be a sin to vote as one's conscience dictates. At least not a serious sin. GIVE-ME-A-BREAK!

Write to your bishop and ask him to consider the consequences of his politically motivated comments.

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