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Your Charism (Sat Sep 1, 2007 1:37 pm)

What stirs your soul? Each of us has a particular gift. It is what you are good at, what turns you on intellectually and spiritually. It is your handle on life's purpose, your contribution. For some it is obvious while others must continue to search. Discovered as an ability to contribute, it is a pearl of great price.

What is your charism, your special talent? What gives you a sense of accomplishment? Some find it in parenting while others in their rewarding career. Charisms come and go throughout life. Sorely missed by many in retirement is a sense of contribution/accomplishment. But might that free time in retirement itself provide for an emerging charism, a special gift to give to the world or a special cause?

If changing the Church is your passion, what charism do you bring to the cause? Don't leave that treasure buried. Keep digging until you find it. Your faith community can point to it, but only you can find it. The health of both you and the cause may very well depend on the charism that only you will provide. Sometimes the ability to see an obvious need or the patience to effect a long term plan badly needed. It is never assigned. What moves you can be thought mundane by others (Jesus washed feet).

One way to stir a charism: Be aware of your feelings daily. What makes you mad, what makes you sad, what stirs your soul, what do you pray for? Learn more and then do something. The Spirit is moving within you, and is counting on you to act.

If you don't do it, who will?

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