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Is Everything Up to Date in Kansas City (Mon May 15, 2006 10:19 am)

He is going to go about as far as he can go
(by R.Schutzius)

And it could happen to you! Bishop Edward Finn, a member of Opus Dei who has only recently been installed as bishop of Kansas City, is systematically bringing the diocese up to date as of 1950. According to a recent article in the NCR (May 12, 2006), Bishop Finn has set about reversing the work of the past 50 years, without consultation with his priests or people. The sad thing about this is that he can get away with it. Threatened with the loss of livelihood and survival in retirement, resisting clergy are silent, while the clerical climbers have climbed on board. The people are left numbed and cowed. If he will not listen to his priests, he will certainly not listen to the cries of his people.

Bishop Finn is a St. Louis protégé of Cardinal Rigali while both served together in St. Louis. Rigali provided St. Louis with Archbishop Raymond Burke and Kansas City with Bishop Edward Finn. Rigali , now in Philadelphia, is a good friend of Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln Nebraska. Enough said! Are they all Opus Dei? It is a secret, except for Finn.

The people of KC have a number of choices: a) they can prayerfully endure, b) they can seek help and actively resist, c) they can just depart, d) they can maintain the Church as the early persecuted Christians did - in the catacombs. This latter option is alive and well in many places. Needless to say, they need our prayers.

ACTION RESPONSE: Support any Catholic friends and acquaintances in KC and tell them about ARCC. Philadelphia beware!

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