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Political Bishops (Fri Jan 28, 2005 11:14 am)

To those of our Catholic Bishops who openly supported Bush for re-election:

Now that the elections are over and the president is duly inaugurated, we all must ponder these past events and internalize what has occurred. We learned that it is estimated that 52% of Catholics voted for George W. Bush (55% in Ohio), according to the CNN national voter exit poll. It is apparent that your advice and urging was heeded by a deciding number of Catholics. Without much of a stretch, it could be said that your open episcopal partisanship was a contributing factor in the successful Bush re-election, and intentionally so.

That is quite a responsibility! For it now means that you have a responsibility to us all to do whatever you can to influence your successful candidate to use his power and resources for the good of humankind. Having demonstrated your support and influence over voting Catholics, you have the opportunity and the clout to guide our president in all his ways. We anxiously await to hear your voices clearly proclaiming what you consider the good works of this president, but also in castigation for what you consider to be his not-so-worthy actions, as measured by the Christian mandate you proclaim, "Love one another as I have loved you."

Many of us tried to warn you that it was not such a good idea to intrude into the political decision-making process of your people, but now that you are "in for a dime," you are "in for a dollar" (so to speak). Perhaps you are counting on the passage of time to dim our memory of your advice, but I assure you that many of us will not forget and will continue to remind you of your commitment to be as politically engaged after the election as you were before the election. It does none of us any good to see you fail, and for this reason we pray for your success, even though many think you made a big mistake.

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