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Marx May Have Had it Right ( Sun Jul 15 08:28:27 CDT 2007)

"Religion is the opium of the people" proclaimed Karl M. According to Marx religion is just as addictive as this powerful narcotic because it lulls one into a sense of euphoria, security, and bliss. Infallibly it miraculously distracts from the dullness and hardships of life to focus on certain bliss eternal with no doubt about it. Should questions arise about the rewards forthcoming from a religious adherence, they must be addressed forcefully and frequently lest one stray to another path (also promising absolute certitude).

The Vatican document, "Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church", released in Rome on 10 July, 2007, has once again assured us that the Catholic Church alone has all that we need to achieve salvation, to please God, and to live well. Other Christian Communities may claim to offer similar assurances, but only in the Roman Catholic Church are we guaranteed the whole package. It and it alone is the genuine article (with an exclusive patent) while all the others are generic knock-offs. They may be ok and work most of the time, but they do not carry the same guarantee of quality found in the RCC with the original but improved Summorum Pontificum Latin ingredient added.

Notice the rising protests from other religious bodies also promising certitude! After all, would you continue to follow an uncertain path when your eternal salvation is at stake? For each of us, conscience tells us that our religion is better than the others, or we keep searching. The gift of faith along with the ongoing work of reason gives us the basis for our religious conviction. That is about the closest to certitude we are going to get in this life. It is the way that God made us. It is that pearl of great price, that buried treasure, that one true love that we seek. Rejoice no matter where you find it, but remember the quest may last a life time.

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