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  Women's Ordination (Tue Aug 10, 2004 9:19 pm)

One of the first questions we should ask the next Pope is, "Do you have the authority to ordain women"? If the answer is "NO", (as it very well might be) the second question should be, "What other authority to bind and loose do you NOT have"?

Denial of the Church's authority to ordain women does seem to have more than have a hint of heresy about it, if we take Christ at His word. There is no longer any serious question among thinking Christians about the qualifications of women to be ordained (no matter what Cardinal Ratzinger says). Whether or not a given Catholic community has grown enough to understand this and accept a woman priest is another question. Some are and some are not.

Even if we do have a given right, it is not always charitable to exercise it, but unused rights have a tendency to be ignored. We do not have the right to be ordained, but every Christian community has a right to celebrate the Eucharist as well as the right that no member be excluded from ordination unjustly.


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