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Utah Code -- Title 16 -- Chapter 07 -- Corporations Sole

16-7-1. Formation -- Purposes.
Corporations sole may be formed for acquiring, holding or disposing of church or religious society property for the benefit of religion, for works of charity and for public worship, in the manner hereinafter provided. No Change Since 1953

16-7-2. Articles of incorporation -- Execution -- Filing.

Any person who is the archbishop, bishop, president, trustee in trust, president of stake, president of congregation, overseer, presiding elder, or clergyman of any church or religious society who has been duly chosen, elected, or appointed in conformity with the constitution, canons, rites, regulations, or discipline of such church or religious society, and in whom is vested the legal title to its property, may make and subscribe articles of incorporation, acknowledge the same before some officer authorized to take acknowledgments, and file the original articles with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code; he shall retain a copy of these articles in his possession.

Amended by Chapter 178, 1985 General Session

16-7-6. Powers of corporations sole.

Upon making and filing articles of incorporation as herein provided the person subscribing the same and his successor in office, by the name or title specified in the articles, shall thereafter be deemed and is hereby created a body politic and a corporation sole, with perpetual succession, and shall have power:
(1) To acquire and possess, by donation, gift, bequest, devise or purchase, and to hold and maintain, property, real, personal and mixed; and to grant, sell, convey, rent or otherwise dispose of the same as may be necessary to carry on or promote the objects of the corporation.
(2) To borrow money and to give written obligations therefor, and to secure the payment thereof by mortgage or other lien upon real or personal property, when necessary to promote such objects.
(3) To contract and be contracted with.
(4) To sue and be sued.
(5) To plead and be impleaded in all courts of justice.
(6) To have and use a common seal by which all deeds and acts of such corporation may be authenticated.

No Change Since 1953

16-7-7. Right to act without authorization from members -- Sale of property.
Any corporation sole created under this chapter, and any such archbishop, bishop, president, trustee in trust, president of stake, president of congregation, overseer, presiding elder or clergyman of the state of Utah, who holds the title to trust property for the use and benefit of any church or religious society and who is not so incorporated, unless the articles of incorporation or deed under which such corporation or individual trustee holds such property provides otherwise, shall have power without any authority or authorization from the members of such church or religious society to mortgage, exchange, sell and convey the same; and any such corporation sole, or individual trustee residing within this state may hold title to property, real or personal, which is situated in any other state or jurisdiction; which holding shall be subject to the same conditions, limitations, powers and rights and with the same trusts, duties and obligations in regard to the property that like property is held for such purposes in this state.
No Change Since 1953

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