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Current Issues -- Statements, Interviews, etc.

Excommunication of Brazilian Mother (March 2009)

Some Reflections on the Excommunication (sort of) Of Roy Bourgeois (December 2008)

"Letter to Fr. John Sivalon", M.M, Superior General, and Maryknoll Council Members in support of Fr. Roy Bourgeois (August 2008)
"Three Years of Pope Benedict XVI" (April 2008; PDF)

Shame on Bishop Bruskewitz and Cardinal Re! (7 December 2006)

Letter to USCCB (8 February 2006)

Heroic Bishop: Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit (13 January 2006)

Newsmakers Interview -- Leonard Swidler & Emmett Fitzpatrick (9 October 2005)

Leonard Swidler's Letter to Cardinal Ratzinger (1August 2004)

Gays in the Clergy: an ARCC White Paper (5 May 2004)

Response to John Jay Report (1 March 2004)


ARCC is a 501-c3 non-profit international organization dedicated to achieving substantive structural change in the Roman Catholic Church. It works to implement an identified body of rights that every Catholic has from Baptism and membership in the human community. ARCC works for a more collegial church structure which affirms these rights through accountability and shared decision making.

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Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church
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Other voices

Another Voice

Questions From a Ewe

Challenges Facing Catholicism
(Bishop Geoffrey Robinson in converation with Dr Ingrid Shafer)

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